—         Rebirth of GbFreeHosting

GBFreeHosting has been in poor state for a long time. Most of the services are unavailable, e.g. FTP, irresponsive control panel, and the uptime became unbearable recently due to lack of due dilligence by 3rd party who was managing the servers.
Eventually, we decided to shutdown the service and move towards a better alternative.

ProFreeHost is the next-gen free hosting service where you will experience better uptimes and excellent features.

Don't worry, you will still be able to access your accounts on GbFreeHosting at http://cpanel.gbfreehosting.com and move your website from GbFreeHosting to ProfreeHost.

We will try to keep all the data of our client on GbFreeHosting available till 31st October 2016. Make sure you create backup before that date.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an account?

Creating account on gbfreehosting is simple and easy:

  1. First you need to provide your real info on sign up page: http://www.gbfreehosting.com/register.
  2. Check your email for the confirmation message. Don't forget to look in spams if you don't find it in inbox.
  3. Activate your account by clicking on the confirmation link in email.
  4. You are done. Now you can create a sub-domain or choose to link your existing domain.

I didn't receive account activation email!

If you don't see activation email in your inbox there are promarily two reasons for that:

  1. You have not entered a valid email address. In this case you need to register a new account.
  2. Our email is blocked by your email provider. In this case you'll find activation email in "Spam" Folder.

How to access my control panel?

You can access control panel from http://cpanel.gbfreehosting.com. Otherwise just login from our main website.

How to access webmail?

You can access webmail from our main website: http://www.gbfreehosting.com or from direct link: http://webmail.gbfreehosting.

You can also access webmail from control panel: "Emails > Webmail".

Can I modify my domain or username?

Due to security concerns we do not allow clients to modify username or domain. However if you need to change the domain for any reasons, you can simply delete the account from "Control Panel > Other > Delete Account" and setup a new domain/sub-domain.

How can I cancel/delete my account?

You can cancel or delete your account anytime without any further notice from "Control Panel > Other > Delete Account".

Note: All data will be lost in this case. So we recommend to backup the data before that from "Control Panel > Files > Backups" and download it in your pc.

How many accounts can I create?

We allow our clients to create as many accounts as they need. There are no limits.

How can I reset my account?

You can reset your account from "Control Panel > Other > Reload Account". It'll resotre your account to default.

How can I transfer my website from other provider to GBFreehosting?

You can transfer website easily if your website is not using mysql database:

  1. Create backup on your current hosting.
  2. Download the backup.
  3. Upload all files from backup to your account on gbfreehosting.

What if my website is using MySQL!

If your website is using mysql, you need to backup the mysql database separately.

  1. If your current hosting provider has Database Backup tool, use it. Alternatively, you can login to phpMyAdmin of your current hosting provider and click "Export". Save as file as "gzipped".
  2. Create a database on our server from "Control Panel > Advanced > MySQL Databases". Type username, database and password.

    Note: Copy username, database and password in secure place as you'll need them in future.

  3. Import the gzipped file to our database by logging into "Control Panel > Advanced > phpMyAdmin".
  4. Be patient as it may take a while to import database depending upon the size of your backup.
  5. Update config file of your php script in public_html folder, to match with the MySQL username, database and password.

How can I change my name, email address and password?

You can edit your details from "Control Panel > My Account > My Profile".

How do I upload my website?

You can upload your website from FTP client like FileZilla or SmartFTP. All the files should be placed inside public_html folder.

Alternatively, you can use our Onlin File Manager to upload your website by going to "Control Panel > Files > File Manager".

Where can I get my FTP access details?

You can find FTP details in your control panel from "Files > FTP Access".

I deleted my public_html directory, what do I do now?

If you accidently deleted your public_html directory, use Fix File Permissions tool in control panel to restore the public_html directory.

How can I access Web Builder?

You can access web builder from : "Control Panel > Website > Web builder".

Can I host media files like mp3 songs and videos?

Yes, you can upload media files as long as you own the copyrights or you've acquired the permissions to host from the copyright owner. We strongly discourage hosting any action that violates copyright laws.

Can I use your hosting for backups/storage?

No, you can use our service for hosting only a live website. If used only for backups/storage we will have to suspend your access to our services.

Do you allow search engine friendly URLs?

Yes, we do. You need to add following line in your .htaccess file to make the search engine friendly urls work properly: RewriteBase /

How can I point my existing domain to your server?

You can point your existing domain to our server by updating name-servers at your domain registrar (Where you purchased the domain). You need to remove exisiting name servers also (if any).

You can find the name-servers of gbfreehosting from "Control Panel > Account > Details".

Note: It may take between 1-72 hours for DNS changes to take effect.

Where can I find your name-servers?

You can find the name-servers of gbfreehosting from "Control Panel > Account > Details".

How to get free sub-domain?

You'll get access to a domains list after activating your account. There you can create free sub-domains.

Can I modify/delete my CNAME, MX, A records of domain associated to gbfreehosting account?

Yes, we provide a unique access to all DNS features. You can modify all records from "Control Panel > Advanced > DNS Zone".

Can I use your services for commercial use?

Yes, you can use our service to host your personal as well as commercial projects. We don't demand any portion of your profits. You get to keep everything.

Will you put ads/backlinks or any unwanted material on my website?

No, never. You will get 100% ad-free service.

Are proxy and file leeching scripts allowed?

Any scripts that put excessive strain to our servers are prohibited. For further details check our terms of service.

Can I setup custom error pages?

Yes, you can setup custom error pages from control panel by going to "Website > Error Pages".

Do you provide detailed statistics?

Yes we provide detailed statistics of your accounts which you can access from "Control Panel > Website > Statistics".

How do I install Wordpress and other scripts easily?

You can install more than 40 scripts including wordpress, drupal, joomla, phpbb, smf, mybb, image galleries with 1 click by going to "Control Panel > Website > Auto Installer".

Can I display my own ads on my websites hosted on your servers?

Yes, you can display ads or monetize your websites in any legal way.

Why is your service free of cost and ads-free?

We are independent financially and have many projects that earn us enough income to make our service free of cost for all of our users. We also believe in providing quality services, that is why we don't force ads or any other unwated links on our clients' websites.

Why is my website down?

There maybe a number of reasons for that. Either you have messed up with .htaccess file, or our servers are under maintenance. If the problem is from our side, it'll usually takes only a few minutes to resolve.

To resolve the issue we recommend you to backup a copy of your website in your pc and reload your gbfreehosting account and re-upload the website.

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